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Standing at the centre of the world


A couple of weeks back my friend and I decided to embrace being tourists for a day and go to the Mitad del Mundo, the monument at the Equator. It only takes an hour to get there but we still hadn’t got round to it.

It was very liberating to be touristy for a day, a nice break from constantly trying to blend in and integrate into Ecuadorian life. We spent lots of time happily prancing about, jumping over the line and taking cheesy tourist photos. In the Mitad del Mundo complex there are shops, museums, llamas(!), activities such as trying to balance an egg on a nail, and, of course, the monument itself. As it was a Sunday there were also dancers, who were brilliant to watch. Moreover, there’s something very thrilling about being at the centre of the world, one foot in each hemisphere. It may all be put on for tourists but it’s a great feeling.

The funny thing is that the giant monument at the Mitad del Mundo isn’t actually on the real Equator but what was calculated to be the Equator by French scientists in the 18th century. It’s actually about 200 metres of the official GPS reading, which all things considered is pretty impressive. There’s a third line which is also said to be the official Equator, it all depends on which one you’re rooting for.

We also went to the second, “official” line which is in an ethnological museum featuring shrunken heads, anaconda skins and fun demonstrations how water drains clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on which side of the Equator you’re on (I learned this from the Simpsons). All in all it was a fun day! A good excursion if you’re ever in Quito


2 thoughts on “Standing at the centre of the world

  1. I’m really enjoying your travel photos Miss Reddaway.

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