A Reddaway Away

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Looking out over Quito

Recently some friends and I decided to go up the Teleférico, the cable car that goes part-way up the Volcano Pichincha to the East of Quito. The ride starts at 2,950m and goes up to 4,053m, doing a distance of 2.5km. It’s a little dear but well worth it, the views over Quito and the Andes are stunning, the mountains stretch on for miles. When we went it was slightly hazy so I cannot imagine how it would be on a clear day!

Up at the top of the cable car we found out there were people renting out ponies. Rides came with a very warm, very fetching poncho, so we decided to go for it. We were given very little freedom in where we could go with the ponies, but it was fun all the same. Pearl’s decided that it would forge its own path but mine was very obliging, which was a surprise.

You can also walk a couple of hours to the summit but we arrived late, were pretty tired, and the mere act of walking up a slight slope at that altitude had us huffing and puffing in a highly embarrassing way (think fat policemen trying to run in Hollywood films), so we decided it was probably better not to. Next time! We spent a happy couple of hours looking around, admiring the views and then decided to go back down to the comparative warmth of Quito.

Due to a camera mishap, all photos are stolen from my friend:

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